Purpose of the guide

Explain to the user what this tool is for and why it might be useful to use it.

What is UserVoice?

Many software producers want direct contact with users. They want to know the new needs, behavior changes and problems encountered by the end user to guarantee a quality and functional product.

To allow this exchange, the use of the servizi or (in English) of is often used.

How does it work?

Does a user have an idea that they would like to see realized? Do you notice any abnormal behavior in the system? It is sufficient to access the page of the desired product and propose it (as in a forum).

If the idea is liked and receives enough votes, the producers of the program in question could consider implementing the requirement. Similarly, it is possible to vote on the ideas of other users.

Does it really work?

Yes, but it is not guaranteed. Manufacturers will decide what to implement and what not and the timing.

Many of the new features that appeared in the COVID period were developed thanks to this system, for example the expansion from 4 to 9 and then from 9 to 49 visible people in Microsoft Teams was implemented thanks to this system.

Products that allow the use of UserVoice

Among the many products on UserVoice we would like to point out the following pages (non-exhaustive list):

Microsoft 365


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