Who is eligible for MS Microsoft 365?

Purpose of the guide

Allow data subjects to understand if they are entitled to use Microsoft 365 and from when.

Conditions for entitlement to use MS Microsoft 365

Microsoft provides free for schools (cantonal and municipal) the online version of the office package, called Microsoft 365. It is a set of servizi available on the internet including MS Word Online, MS Excel Online, MS PowerPoint Online, OneDrive and many more.

Thanks to an agreement between the Canton and Microsoft, it was also possible to obtain a free license for all teachers, students and employees in public cantonal schools , which allows you to install "Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise" directly on your private devices. This opportunity is given for a fixed period of time and is linked to the contracts stipulated annually with Microsoft for Ticino cantonal schools. For this reason, teachers, students and employees in municipal schools are not entitled to this concession.


A teacher, pupil or employee who ceases his relationship with the cantonal school immediately loses the right of access.

Municipal school users have access to all servizi made available to users of cantonal schools with the exception of "Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise".

In case of doubt, we recommend that you contact the office IT specialist who will forward the request to those in charge through the official channels.

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