Generate activation code for Student NetworkID

Purpose of the guide

This guide is aimed at users authorized to generate the activation code to activate the students' NetworkID .


The prerequisites for providing a NetworkID to your students are as follows:

  • Possess a NetworkID as a teacher;
  • Be a teacher of the class of the students for whom you intend to create the NetworkID ;
  • Have permission to use this feature.


The contact person is the head office IT technician

Activate the NetworkID for students

  1. Connect to the site https: // servizi /
  2. In the menu section at the top right, press on login (1)
  3. Enter your Network ID , your password (2) and press Identify me (3)
  4. Click on Teacher (4) and then Print student activation code (5)
  5. "Select the desired class" (6) , select the students of the whole class (7a) or one by one (7b) and press "Print ..." (8) Remark : it is possible to filter the classes by school (A)
  6. A PDF file will be generated containing the desired student activation data

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