Obtaining the NetworkID (Administration, alternates and others)

Purpose of the guide

This guide helps an administrative user, an alternate or other particular users to understand which procedure to follow based on their working status.


To be able to benefit from this servizi or you must have an e-mail address name.surname@edu.ti.ch activated for at least 3 days.


The contact person is the head office IT technician

Obtaining the NetworkID

The NetworkID is automatically generated for all teachers and students present in GAGI , once generated it remains.

Administrative users (secretaries, custodians, ...), substitute teachers for short periods or other users not directly linked to teaching, also have the right to access the central servizi associated with the NetworkID .

If from 2017 onwards, the user has been assigned teaching hours as a person in charge or appointed, he can request his Network ID following the procedure described in the Obtaining the NetworkID guide (Teachers) , otherwise the guide to follow will be Obtaining the NetworkID ( External) .

If in doubt, we recommend that you follow the first guide, and if you make a mistake, follow the second.

Regardless of the guide followed, the words "(Teacher)" will appear next to your name as access was generated via an @ edu.ti.ch address.

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