Forgot password (Teachers and Administration)

Purpose of the guide

This guide is intended for teachers who have forgotten their Network ID password.


The current password cannot be recovered, a new one will be generated.

Procedure for changing the password

  1. Connect to the site https: // servizi
  2. In the " NetworkID " menu (1A) click on Forgot password (1B)
  3. Then select the first option teachers, AC users or external (2)
  4. Enter your e-mail address (3A) ( and enter the "CAPTCHA code" (3B) .
    To continue press Request Password Change (4)
  5. Open your e-mail box and open the e-mail from with the subject Request for change of password IT servizi of DECS (5).
  6. Enter the following data and finally press Confirm (10):
    1. Network ID (7) in the format ""
    2. The new password (8)
    3. Repeat the new password (9)
      The new password must meet the following criteria:
      • have a length between 7 and 20 characters
      • at least 1 uppercase character
      • at least 1 lowercase character
      • at least 1 number
      • at least 1 special character among:! $ # _ (they are the only ones allowed; punctuation, accents, umlauts, are not recognized by the system)
      • maximum 3 consecutive letters in your name, surname or e-mail

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