How to use Double Robotics

Purpose of the guide

This guide explains how to use Double Robotics and some features.


To take advantage of these features and be able to use it you must be connected to it.


  1. Movement:
    Double Robotics can move in any direction (forward, backward, left and right).
    If you use the WEB APP you can move the double using the "Directional arrows".
    Otherwise, if you use the application, buttons will appear on the screen. Forward or backward movement (1) and right or left movement (2).

  2. Automatic movement by pointers:
    Select a point on the screen to make the Robot move automatically

  3. Zoom:
    By double clicking on the screen we can zoom

  4. Lock it in one place (parking function):
    By pressing the "P" button at the top left of the screen we can lock the Robot by putting it in parking mode.

  5. Charge the device:
    Approach the charging base until the orange " lightning bolt " symbol appears. Once the symbol is clicked, the Robot will automatically move towards the base.

  6. Increase the height of the camera:
    To increase or decrease the height of the camera just drag up or down from the right side of the application.

    Otherwise, if you use the WEB page, click the appropriate button

    Here are the differences:

  7. Mute your microphone:
    To mute your microphone just click the webcam that appears in the upper corner, until the mute symbol appears

  8. Turn Double Robotics off or on:
    To turn the Double Robotics off or on, just hold down the button under the base for 10 seconds. A yellow led will appear indicating whether it is turning on or off.

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