Set up a recovery email

Purpose of the guide

The following guide explains the procedure for setting up password recovery for the NetworkID


  • Having a NetworkID
  • Know your password

NetworkID password recovery configuration

In order to configure the password recovery method for your NetworkID you need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the website https: // servizi and press the " Login " button in the bar at the top right. Enter your credentials and log in by pressing the "Identify me" button.
  1. Once logged in, press on your NetworkID (top right) and select the "Personal data" submenu.
  2. Scrolling down the page, enter the data: Private email and Private telephone. Then press the " Save " button to confirm the changes.

From now on, your private email is configured for NetworkID retrieval.

For more information on password recovery, see the following guides:

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