Obtaining the NetworkID (External)

Purpose of the guide

The purpose of this guide is to obtain your Network ID as a user outside the school world.


Have a personal e-mail address.

Get your own Network ID

  1. Connect to the site https: // servizi .edu.ti.ch
  2. In the "registration" section, click on "click here" (1)
  3. Click on "Subscribe" (2)
  4. Select "External" (3) , validate the "reCAPTCHA" (A) and then press "Next" (4)
  5. Enter your e-mail address (5) and press "next" (6)
  6. Enter your personal data (7) and press "Next" (8)
  7. click on "Send registration" (9)
  8. Open your e-mail box and open the e-mail from “ cerdd.noreply@edu.ti.ch ” with the subject “Creation of a new username ( NetworkID ) ScuolaLab ” (10).
    Press "click here." (11).
  9. Enter the "Password" (12) , confirm it (13) and complete the operation by pressing "Confirm" (14).
  10. After confirming your password, the following screen will open.
  11. Wait for the following e-mail which contains your NetworkId.

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