Merge two NetworkID

Purpose of the guide

It explains to users how to merge two NetworkID , in its possession, into a single account.


In order to apply this procedure it is necessary:

  • Own two NetworkID (e.g. )
  • Know the password of at least one account
  • Have access to at least one e-mail address (primary or secondary) associated with each NetworkID .
  • Be a user of type: Teacher, External or AC .

NetworkID merger

To be able to independently merge / merge your NetworkID , it is necessary:

  1. Access the site https: // servizi /
  2. Log in with your NetworkID (e.g.
  3. At the top right, click on your NetworkID (shown without @
  4. Choose the item " NetworkID merger "
  5. Enter the second NetworkID in your possession
  6. Enter the CAPTCHA code as shown in the image
  7. Press the Next button
  8. Select which of the two accounts you want to keep
  9. Continue the procedure by pressing the "Next" button
  10. Check if all the data on the page are correct and that at least one email address per account is reachable . Confirm the procedure by pressing the "Yes" button
  11. Continue by pressing the "Next" button
  12. Select a valid email account, for the first NetworkID , where you can receive the confirmation email.
  13. Select a valid email account, for the second NetworkID , where you can receive the confirmation email
  14. Send the request by pressing the "Send request" button
  15. Wait a few minutes for the e-mail with the merger request to be received in both boxes previously selected.
  16. Open the email with the subject " NetworkID merger request ...", on the first email account, and press the link with the message " Clicking here " to confirm the procedure.
  17. Open, on the second email account, the email mentioned above and also check the second NetworkID , by pressing the link " Clicking here "


The validity of the requests are only 12 hours . If you confirm after this time, you will receive an error. In this case it is necessary to repeat the procedure from the beginning.

  1. Wait for the day after the night sync. If everything went well, you will receive an email with the result of the merger of the two NetworkID . From this moment on, only the selected NetworkID will be active as to be kept during the merging procedure.

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