Share Excel online

Purpose of the guide

To allow authorized users to know the basic activities of Excel Online.


To be able to apply this setting, you need to:

  • possess their own NetworkID (e.g.;
  • work or study in a school licensed for this servizi or.


The contact person is the head office IT technician

Share workbooks online

Once you have created your workbook online, you can share it with friends, colleagues, or the public. Other users can view shared spreadsheets, sort and filter data, and drill down into PivotTables on the web or on a mobile device.

To share a workbook, click "Share" and type the email address of the desired people or retrieve a link to send to your contacts by email.

When collaborating with others in Excel Online, you can edit the worksheet as usual. If others modify the worksheet, Excel Online immediately indicates their presence and the updates they have made. However, everyone must work in Excel Online.

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