Create instant meetings with "Instant Meeting"

Purpose of the guide

Instructs the user how to turn a conversation into a meeting with just a few clicks.


This feature is only available within a Teams .

Video guide

Start a meeting

  1. To start a meeting, do one of the following:
    • Select in a new conversation.
    • Select in an existing conversation to keep all the context of an ongoing conversation.
  2. In the video preview, give the meeting a name and select Instant Meeting .
  3. Select the names of the team members to invite to the meeting. You can also type in a phone number, which is a good way to add people outside your organization who don't use Teams .


It is not currently possible to schedule a meeting

Attend a meeting

  1. To find a meeting, look for the meeting notification icon in conversation.
  2. Select Join to join the meeting.

Share your screen

Select the screen sharing icon to show your screen to other participants.

Share the meeting recording

Select the more options icon “ ” to record the meeting. You will receive an email when the video is ready so you can view, edit and share it with others.


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