Generate invitation to join a meeting

Purpose of the guide

Instructs users how to generate a link to invite users to a meeting in MS Teams .


In order to use this feature, you need to join the meeting in question.

Generate invitation to join a meeting

When creating a meeting within a team, you can invite users who are not part of the team.

To generate the invitation you need to:

  1. Access the list of meeting participants and press the two circles next to the "Invite someone" search field.
  2. The link will be generated automatically and saved in the clipboard, just paste it in a message (chat, email, ...) and it can be sent to the desired recipients.
    The result will be to send a hyperlink containing the link to the meeting and it will look like this:


  • By default anyone attending a meeting can admit external users. You can control this behavior by managing a meeting's global permissions ( Help )
  • It is not possible to block this functionality

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