Join a Teams meeting

Purpose of the guide

Instructs the user how to join a meeting in MS Teams .

Video guide


You can join a Microsoft Teams meeting from your calendar, using your external phone number and conference ID, or log in as a guest on the web.

Join a Teams meeting from the app

  1. In a Teams meeting invitation, select Join .
  2. There are two options:
    • Join Microsoft Teams Meeting : Enter a meeting from the Teams meeting invitation.
    • External Phone Number and Conference ID : Use these if you need to dial a phone number to join the meeting.
  3. Choose the desired audio and video settings.
  4. Select Join Now .

Join a Teams on the web meeting

If you don't have the Teams app, you can still join a Teams meeting.

  1. In the email invitation, select Join Microsoft Teams Meeting . You can also use the external telephone number and conference ID listed in the email to call and join.
  2. There are two options:
    • Download the Windows app : Download the Teams app.
    • Join on the web : Join a Teams meeting on the web.
  3. If you choose to join via the web, type your name and select Join Now . If you have a Teams account, select Sign in to view the meeting chat and more.
  4. Choose the desired audio and video settings.
  5. Based on the meeting settings, the user will move into a lobby where attendees will be able to admit it.


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