Video in ensemble mode

Purpose of the guide

This guide explains how to view all participants in the same shared virtual space.


To be able to apply this setting, you need to:

  • Attend a meeting where at least 5 participants have active webcam
  • Share a video
  • Use the desktop version of the Microsoft Teams
  • Have the "new meeting experience" option activated ( guide )

Video in ensemble mode

It allows you to have the impression of being in the same space shared with all meeting participants. For now, there's an Auditorium-style space, but more options are underway. With together mode, everyone's video is displayed in the same virtual space

More seats will be automatically added to the Virtual Auditorium as other users join.

To access this mode, you must:

  1. Access the meeting properties " ... "
  2. Select the "Together mode" option


This feature is not yet available to everyone, Microsoft is releasing it gradually. It may take a few more weeks to complete and ensure functionality for all users


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