Install certificates on iOS

Purpose of the guide

Allow users to understand why a message may appear warning the user that Google servizi (and others) can be dangerous, and how to prevent it from appearing again.

Install certificates on iOS

To add certificates in iOS you need to do the following on both certificates, one at a time (no matter the order of the sequence):

  1. Click on the certificate shown in the introduction of this guide (1)
  2. Press on "Allow" (2)
  3. Click on "Install" (3)
  4. Press again on "Install" (4)
  5. Choose "Install" again (5)
  6. Click on "Finish" (6)
  7. Access "Settings" (7)
  8. Press "General" (8) and then "Info" (9)
  9. Scroll down the list and select "Certificate Trust" (10)
  10. Look for the newly installed certificate “Zscaler Root CA” (11) and activate the cursor on the right

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