Installing certificates on macOS

Purpose of the guide

Allow users to understand why a message may appear warning the user that Google servizi (and others) can be dangerous and how to prevent it from appearing again.

Installing certificates on macOS

MacOS manages certificates through the Keychain. To add the certificates you need to perform the following operation on both certificates, one at a time (no matter the order of the sequence):


If you use Safari the file is renamed automatically, remove “.TXT” from the end of the name

  1. Download the two certificates listed in the introduction
  2. Open the certificate with double click
  3. Enter the "Password" (1) of the administrative user of the machine and press "Change keychain" (2)
  4. Double click on the "Zscaler Root CA" certificate (3) (it can be identified by a red cross in the icon)
  5. In the "Trust" section, under "When using this certificate" open the dropdown containing more choices (4) and choose "Always trust" (5)
  6. Re-enter the "Password" (6) of the administrative user of the machine and press "Update settings" (7)
  7. The certificate icon will change (8) showing a blue circle with a "+"
  8. Now you can close the key fob

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