Installing certificates on Android

Purpose of the guide

Allow users to understand why a message may appear warning the user that Google servizi (and others) can be dangerous and how to prevent it from appearing again.

Installing certificates on Android

Android is an operating system designed to adapt as much as possible to the needs of device manufacturers (phones, tablets, Smart TVs,…).

Unfortunately, this flexibility has a negative effect: the graphic interface can vary from device to device and consequently also the steps to follow can be different.
For this reason it is not possible to draw up a step-by-step guide but only to draw up a general guideline.

The steps shown will be carried out on both certificates, one at a time (no matter which one you do first):

  1. Set a phone lock at power on (PIN, Fingerprint, ...)
  2. Click on the certificate shown in the introduction of this guide
  3. Open the downloaded certificate and enter a name of your choice, for example "Google Certificates"
  4. Enter the phone unlock PIN

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