Use Grouping

Purpose of the guide

This guide explains how to create a Grouping and how to combine multiple groups into a Grouping.


The teacher creates the desired Grouping and defines which groups are part of it (you have to create them first). In-course regulates access to activities or resources as needed.

Create Grouping

  1. Awards on participants. Then press the wheel and select Groups.
  2. Select Groupings and click on Create Grouping.
  3. Enter the name of the Grouping and Save changes.
  4. Select Groupings and enter the groups.
  5. Select the Groups and Add the desired ones.

    Using Grouping in the course - access to resources and activities

  6. Share content to a single grouping. Access to resources or activities can be limited to members of only one grouping. To set up, access the respective settings and open the Conditions for access.
  7. Select Grouping.
  8. Select the Grouping. Click on the eye symbol to hide the content from others (staring eye). Open eye means that the other group can see that a resource or activity exists, but not the content.

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