"View Only" Notice

Purpose of the guide

Understand what to do when the “View Only. The <XXXX> account does not allow you to make changes… ”on a yellow background when starting Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise.


To be able to apply this setting, you need to:

  • possess their own NetworkID (e.g. abc123@edu.ti.ch);
  • work or study in a school licensed for this servizi or


The contact person is the head office IT technician if the installation is on a school machine, if the machine is private there is no support

"View Only" Notice

It may happen that when you start any Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise program ( Word , Excel , PowerPoint , ...) a warning appears on a yellow background with the words “View Only. The abc123@edu.ti.ch account does not allow you to make changes… ”and to contact the administrator.

This can happen if for some reason Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise has lost the license, for example by updating the operating system or if the device has not been connected to the internet for too long.

To solve the problem it is sufficient to log in again with your Network ID from the program in use.

In the event that you have interrupted the relationship with the cantonal school world, the license must be purchased independently and enter the new credentials.

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