Microsoft Microsoft 365 in Ticino schools and privacy

Purpose of the guide

This guide is aimed at users who want information on the level of privacy that is guaranteed by using Microsoft's Cloud servizi .


The two companies that have contributed to guaranteeing the parameters of privacy in the framework agreement with Microsoft are:

Privatim : Association of Swiss Privacy Guarantors. : specialized agency of the Confederation and the cantons in charge of representing Swiss school interests vis-à-vis private companies specializing in Cloud computing.

Microsoft 365 in Ticino schools

Microsoft's Cloud Computing Service, called Microsoft 365, complies with the conditions set by Privatim in its School Cloud Computing Reminder. Therefore it is lawfully usable by Ticino schools.

Privatim's recommendations have in fact merged into the performance contract between the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Directors of Education and
The latter integrated Privatim's recommendations into the framework agreement with Microsoft.

Cloud computing servizi of other Cloud computing service providers can also be used to the extent that they comply with the conditions set by Privatim.

Privatim's recommendations on Cloud computing in the school sector “Aide-mémoire Cloud computing dans les écoles” can be downloaded from the “Mémentos et guides” menu at the following address: (in French).

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