User activity tracking

Purpose of the guide

Allow users to be aware of the fact that many operations carried out in the various servizi are kept track.

User activity tracking

In order to protect users and the various servizi offered, all the important activities that take place on the various servizi (MS Office 365, PESCU, GAGI , ScuolaLab , ...) are recorded and made available to the administrators of the servizi or itself.

In addition to the activity, additional information will be saved such as: who carried out the operation, when, source IP address, ...

It is not possible to report everything that is tracked, but by way of example, some of the information is:

  • access to the system,
  • password change,
  • modification of certain data,
  • other.


Activities are logged, not their content. So it is possible to know that a specific user has changed their password, but not which password was used

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