Removing Shared Folders or Accounts from SharePoint and OneDrive


This guide explains how to remove a shared folder or account from SharePoint in OneDrive .


To be able to apply this setting, you need to:

  • have installed OneDrive on your PC
  • logged in with your OneDrive account
  • you have synchronized one or more shared folders from SharePoint


The first part of the procedure explains how to remove the account linked to OneDrive and consequently remove all synced folders.

The second part explains how to remove only synchronized folders, such as shared folders from SharePoint .

Account Removal

  1. Click the OneDrive icon at the bottom left of your PC. If you do not find it, you can click on the arrow pointing upwards.
  2. Click on “ Other ” (step 1) and then Settings ” (step 2).
  3. Go to the “ Account ” menu (step 1), select the desired account and press the “ Disconnect this PC ” button (step 2).
  4. Click the “ Unlink account ” button to make the account log off from the PC.
  5. Doing so removes the synchronization of that account and the respective synchronized folders.

SharePoint shared folder removal

  1. Follow the previous procedure up to point 2
  2. Select the " Account " menu (point 1), select the desired folder to stop synchronization and click on " Stop synchronization " (point 2).
  3. To conclude, press the “ Stop synchronization ” button.

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