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Purpose of the guide

Collection of video tutorials that show how to use H5P feasible interactive activities to create educational tutorial content.


Have the role of "Teacher" in the course.


How to share an H5P activity


With this interactive content you can share simple audio messages with your students. Please note that the file cannot be larger than 50MB and that the H5p only accepts MP3 or WAV formats.

DRAG and DROP - Drag and drop

Use drag and drop to create creative and interactive activities. Drag and drop questions allow the student to associate two or more items and make logical connections visually.
The contents to be dragged can be words, texts or images.

DRAG the WORDS - Drag the words

Create masked texts in which to drag the correct speech into the corresponding empty space.


IMAGE SEQUENCING - Image sequences

Sort a random series of images based on a task description. The order of the images is randomized and the user can reorder them based on the description of the activity.


DICTATION - Dictation

Create dictation exercises to train listening comprehension and spelling skills. Using audio content of different types (word, sentence, text) students are asked to transcribe the written text. The audio document can be listened to several times before entering the text in the text field. The answers will be automatically evaluated. The teacher can define the difficulty of the exercise. If you wish, you can add a second audio file for a sentence which may contain a slowly spoken version. You can also set a limit for how often the listening can be played, define if punctuation should be relevant to the score, and decide whether small errors, such as typos, should be considered as non-error, a complete error or just a half error.



Flashcard allows you to create elegant and intuitive sets of flashcards with images combined with questions and answers. It makes a single flash card or a series of flash cards with questions and answers. Students are required to complete the answer field and then to verify the correctness of their solution.


FIND THE WORDS - Find the words

Create a list of words that are placed in a grid with the task for pupils to find and select them.


ARITHMETIC QUIZ - Arithmetic quizzes

Automatically generate arithmetic quizzes. This type of content generates random arithmetic quizzes in a flash. As an author, all you have to do is decide on the type and length of the quiz. Users keep track of their score and time spent solving the quiz.


FILL THE BLANKS - Fill in the blanks

With this activity you can create masked texts. Pupils insert the missing words in a text. The solution is shown to them after entering all the missing words or after each word depending on the settings.


MARK THE WORDS - Mark the words

The activity allows the teacher to propose to the students interactivity activities with written texts, in which the student is asked to identify and highlight the words according to the indicated delivery.


COURSE PRESENTATION - Course presentation

This activity allows you to create presentations consisting of slides with different types of multimedia content (multiple choice questions, interactive videos, masked texts, ...). The teacher can use the presentations in different ways: as a simple tool to introduce a theme, to propose interactive exercises on a topic dealt with, or by creating a content containing a first introductory part, followed by exercises aimed at exercising / testing the learning of their students. .


FIND the hotspot - Finds the hotspot

The activity allows you to create interactive content where, to answer a question, you need to click on “a part” of an image. After the click the user receives feedback on the correctness of his answer. To prepare this activity, you need to upload an image and define the various hotspots corresponding to details or sections of the image. Hotspots can be defined as correct or incorrect, and the author provides appropriate feedback text in both cases. It is possible to take only one hotspot as correct and to define a feedback if the pupil were to press a part of the image that has not been defined as a correct or incorrect hotspot.


SPEAK THE WORD SET - collection of pronunciation words

Create a collection of exercises using the activity called “Speak the words” which allows the student, through his voice, to answer the questions that are proposed to him from time to time. The versatility in terms of settings is interesting; the teacher can choose in which language (example: French) the activity is to be carried out.


This type of content has limited browser support and currently only works on Chrome


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