How to add / remove users in your Workshop space

Purpose of the guide

Allow space owners and administrators to add or remove users.

Video guide

The procedure for adding users or groups starts immediately and ends at minute 1:57.

To remove a user, skip right to 1:57 of the video guide.

Alternative procedure

Log into your space / xyz


In the navigation menu on the left there is the label called " Access management " (alternatively it could be written " Permission management "). Only the space owners see this label, the rest of the users see only Home and Documents

Add users

Adding new users to the group allows them to immediately access the Workshop space in question.

Then click on → Access management

Click → New to add new users

The platform shows a popup in which you must now enter the users you want to invite to access this Workshop space.

In the “ Enter names, e-mail addresses or All ” box, start typing the last name of the person you want to add.


The best thing is to enter the person's NetworkID directly. This way you are sure to add the correct person in the space.

Once you have found the user, click on the name to add it. You can add multiple users at a time.

Before clicking on Share, click on Show options and unsubscribe from Send invitation by email .

When finished, click Share to add users to the group.

The selected users are added to the group. The next screen will show the people who have access to the space.

Remove users from the group

By removing users from the group, they will no longer be able to access the workshop space. The removal of the accesses is immediate.

Click Access Management again → Select users to remove from group → Actions → Remove users from group

Since the user or users are removed from the group, it will no longer be possible to access the Workshop space immediately.

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