I can't connect to ScuolaLab

Purpose of the guide

It helps users who are unable to connect to ScuolaLab to locate the cause of the problem.

I can't connect to ScuolaLab

When you are unable to connect to ScuolaLab , you must check that you enter the correct user name, i.e. the NetworkID and not your e-mail address or other.

For example: abc123@edu.ti.ch

If you are sure that your username entered is correct you can test your password by trying to access https: // servizi .edu.ti.ch (the credentials are the same).

Another cause that could prevent the connection to ScuolaLab is related to the keyboard layout that may have changed. Try to write the password in Word , if you notice wrong characters (z instead of y, different symbols, ...) you have to correct it, to do this you can see the following guide:

Keyboard problems: Z and Y reversed and / or symbols shifted

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