Forgotten NetworkID password (Students)

Purpose of the guide

The purpose of this guide is to inform the student on the procedure for obtaining a new password for their NetworkID if this has been forgotten or no longer works.

Password change with activation code

To set a new password for your NetworkID , if you have not set up the private email on your profile in https: // servizi , you must use an activation code received from your teacher or school . If the activation code is still valid, you can change the password by following the activation procedure again.



If you do not have an activation code, you can request it from any teacher in your class and then carry out the activation procedure again.

Change the password with the personal email configured on the Services portal

If you have set up a personal email on your profile in https: // servizi , you can change your password using your address by following this procedure:

  1. Access the site https: // servizi and press the " NetworkID " menu
  2. Press the "Forgot password" button
  3. Click on " click here " on the line with the words "change password ... students with personal email configured"
  4. Enter the email address previously saved in https: // servizi
  5. Enter the CAPTCHA code
  6. Press the "Request Password Change" button
  7. Open your e-mail box and open the message “Request for change of password for DECS IT servizi ”. Inside, press the link with the item " clicking here " to access the change of your password.
  8. Enter your NetworkID (if you do not remember it, it is present in the email received previously)
  9. Set a new password and confirm it again, respecting the listed criteria
  10. Send the request by pressing the " Confirm " button
If the password change was successful, you will receive a confirmation message. From now on, it will be possible to use the NetworkID with the new password on all platforms and software offered by CERDD .

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