Be added to an external team

Purpose of the guide

It explains to the user how to join a team from another organization.


To be able to apply this setting, you need to:

  • Have an MS Teams license;
  • To be able to access your @ e-mail
  • Being invited by the external user

Be added to an external team

In order to access a team from another organization, you need to:

  1. The user of the external company must invite you to the Team in question, to do so you will need to communicate your NetworkID (e.g.
  2. Once inside MS Teams you will notice a new feature at the top right, next to your user icon. Through it it is possible to change the work environment and access the systems of the other companies identified with (Guest)


  • Within other organizations, functions may be limited depending on the restrictions imposed on them
  • If you have selected a guest company, the search will be carried out in the address book of that company and no longer in ours. This address book will be limited to users in the various Teams to which you are enabled to access.

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