Interactive pen functionality

Purpose of the guide

This guide explains the various pen functions found on the ViewSonic whiteboard.

Interactive pen positioning

In each whiteboard we will find 2 interactive pens, magnetically attached to the left front edge.


The pens can be used at the same time.

Both ends of the interactive pens work on the whiteboard.

  1. The front tip is preset with the color red (see below the settings that can be selected)
  2. The back writes in black and bold ( see below the settings that can be selected )

While using the Whiteboard , press the pen button with the end at which you want to change the default.

  • With the front tip it is possible to change color and size
  • With the rear tip it is possible to change color, size, type of design (images, standard color, highlighter, etc.)
  • Pressing the eraser button the rear tip will be able to erase the content

You can write on any screen by pressing the key of the Toolbar , you can set color, highlighter or eraser. More information on the toolbar is available at the following link .


It is not possible to set different functions for the two pens

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