STI screen settings

Purpose of the guide

This guide explains how to change the STI image settings. See where to adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, sharpness and the blue light filter.



Blue light is emitted from all PC, Tablet, Smartphone and TV screens. This type of light, if exposed for too long, causes eyestrain. With the blue light filter, you can reduce the amount of light emitted.

STI display settings change



These changes can only be applied to external video sources, such as HDMI3.

  • Press the physical button " Whiteboard Settings " (button number 6 of the guide Basic functions and position of the buttons of the ViewSonic )
  • Select the source at " HDMI3 ", then press the " Settings " button ( 1 )
  • Press " Display " ( 2 )
  • Select the desired Mode ( 3 ) or " Custom " for manual adjustments
  • Select the desired Color Temperature ( 4 ) or " Filter " for blue light adjustments

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