Installation of STI certificates

Purpose of the guide

This guide explains to users how to install certificates that allow them to surf the internet correctly within the school.

Download certificates

Before proceeding with the installation, you need to download the Zscaler certificates from the following page: Introduction and certificates .

The 2 downloaded files must be copied to a USB key which will then be connected to the interactive whiteboard.


  1. Press the button for source / settings (button number 6) on the ViewSonic front panel.
  1. Press the settings button located at the top right with the gear symbol , after ViewBoard.
  2. Go to the "System" item and then press the "Security" item
  1. Click the “Install certificate from archive” button to select the desired certificate
  1. Select the desired source where the certificate to be installed is located
  1. Enter the name of the certificate, select the type of "use credentials" and select the "Wi-Fi" item. To conclude, press the install button.
  1. To see if the certificates have been installed correctly, click on "Trusted credentials"
  1. To complete the check, click on the "Installed Manual" item

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