Purpose of the guide

The purpose of the following guide is to explain how to operate the soundbar connected to the STI .


The soundbar must:

  • Be physically positioned under the STI
  • Be connected via HDMI to the HDMI3 input of the STI
  • Be connected to the power supply

Turn on the soundbar

  • Click on the power button ( 1 ).
  • If it is not already on the HDMI source, click on the " source " button ( 2 ) until the LED ( 6 ) turns purple


  1. Turn on the soundbar or to put it into standby mode
  2. Switch the input source between HDMI / USB / AUX / Bluetooth / Optical unit
  3. Press to select Bluetooth function
  4. Increase or decrease the soundbar volume
  5. Remote control sensor
  6. LED indicator
    Red: Standby mode
    Purple: HDMI source
    Green: AUX source
    Blue: in Bluetooth mode
    Yellow: in Optical link mode
    White: in USB mode
  7. Pass-through connection
  8. AUX connection
  9. Diet
  10. HDMI connection
  11. Optical connection
  12. USB socket

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